Single-Use Bioreactor Systems

Finesse has designed its third generation single-use bioreactor SmartController™ systems to be highly configurable and easily adapted to both cell culture and fermentation applications. By leveraging SmartParts™ components, all G3™ bioreactor systems have the intelligence and flexibility required to optimize any process—whether in the laboratory or a cGMP-compliant manufacturing plant. The G3 control platform incorporates innovative features that enhance the productivity, quality, and reproducibility of batch, fed batch or perfusion processes.


  • Small Footprint
  • Easy Scaling Up (from 50L to 2,000L)
  • Options for Custom Features
  • Validation and Qualification Packages Included

Single-Use Bioreactor Systems

Finesse Single-Use SmartSystems control bioreactors (50 L to 2000 L) and consist of a control tower, TruFlow gas manifolds, and SmartPart transmitters and pumps.

These systems are available as skids or moveable carts, and can be quickly re-configured or expanded for multi-product applications, and have complete cGMP documentation. Or, they can be custom-designed to run unique or highly complex processes in challenging environments (e.g., BSL-3).

TruBio DV

Hardware-independent, highly configurable software powered by the Emerson Process Management DeltaV® control platform.

G3 Universal Controllers

Highly configurable and easily scalable from lab
to cGMP