Thermo Scientific™ SmartFactory

The SmartFactory is a modular, open-architecture, single-use
biomanufacturing platform that optimizes resource utilization,
integrates processes from the production floor to the purchasing
office, and facilitates training and validation record management. 

As the challenges in biologics and vaccine manufacturing increase with fewer blockbuster drugs, emerging markets, patent expiration, shorter time-to-market,
price pressures, and increased regulatory complexity, companies are turning to
multi-product, single-use facilities. These facilities can provide higher yield production
with fewer employees and a greatly reduced capital cost. However, they also require far greater operations management and system flexibility.

The Thermo Scientific SmartFactory integrates bioproduction work and data flow.
An open-architecture platform allows process flows to be designed in a modular and scalable manner, using preferred equipment (including Thermo Scientific HyPerforma™ systems), without compromising quality or regulatory compliance.

TruBio Software

Unify upstream process trains with user-friendly, configurable, scalable
bio-process software.