Single-use buffer and
media prep mixing system

Thermo Scientific™ offers single-use buffer and media prep mixing control from 5 L to 2000 L by combining HyPerforma™ controllers with different brands and sizes of mixing vessels. HyPerforma systems provide efficient cGMP-compliant solutions for any type of mixing application or strategy. From buffer or media prep to high viscosity mixing, our systems deliver highly accurate results.

HyPerforma mixing control systems achieve the same measurement accuracy (pH, temperature, conductivity) and control quality (automatic pH or salt concentration adjustment) as our bioprocess control systems by leveraging the same sensors, hardware components and TruBio™ software. Our mixing systems are easily integrated into a DeltaV network and SmartFactory platform to simplify operator training and support just-in-time delivery of process liquids.

Control that's suitable for any type of mixing application:
• Media prep
• Buffer prep
• Suspension
• pH adjustment
• Re-suspension
• Heavy powder load
• High viscosity mixing
• Filtration
• Harvesting
• Chromatography column packing
• Final formulation