Single-use bioreactor control systems

Thermo Scientific's HyPerforma™ single-use bioreactor control systems are highly configurable and easily adapted for use with both cell culture and fermentation applications. HyPerforma single-use bioreactor control systems possess the automation intelligence and flexibility required for process optimization—whether in the laboratory or a cGMP-compliant manufacturing plant. The HyPerforma automation platform incorporates innovative process control software and components that support greater productivity, quality, and reproducibility of batch, fed batch or perfusion processes.

These systems can be configured for skids or moveable carts, and can be quickly re-configured or expanded for multi-product applications. They can also be customized to run unique or highly complex processes in challenging environments and provide complete cGMP documentation.


  • Efficient footprint
  • Seamless scale-up (from 50 L to 2,000 L)
  • Customization options for specific challenges 
  • Validation and qualification packages

TruBio DV

Hardware-independent, highly configurable software powered by the Emerson Process Management DeltaV® control platform.

G3 Universal Controllers

Highly configurable and easily scalable from lab
to cGMP