Boost cell density and product yield

Designed for R&D and process development scale-up, SmartGlass vessels provide easy operation and rapid assembly. Developed to ensure a completely sterile process and minimize lost batches, the vessels are manufactured with the highest standards for materials and surface finish. Created to improve cell growth and expression, SmartGlass offers more efficient aeration, feeding, and monitoring.

Optimize power transfer
and thermal performance

Developed using a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulator, our impellers provide maximum mixing with minimum shear force, resulting in a higher average kLa. The cold finger has been replaced by a cooling loop to increase the thermal surface. Laboratory performance tests demonstrated a cooling rate two times better than a sample of competitive products. And, control can be bi-directional. This allows a single wall vessel to be used not only for mammalian applications but also fermentation.

Products Vessels Smartglass Features

Reduce downtime with easy-to-use
components and fittings

SmartGlass vessels have been optimized to minimize downtime for cleaning and setup. The motor adapter uses coupling adapter windows and an alignment marker
for effortless assembly. Ergonomic head plate design allows easy assembly and disassembly of components for rapid reconfiguration.


Finesse provides an optional heating blanket
and specialized accessory kits for SmartGlass
that enable the user to configure the
vessel according to the intended use.

Heating Blanket
Designed for rapid thermal transfer.
A bi-metallic temperature-limiting
switch embedded in the blanket ensures
safety against overheating or fires.

Common Accessories Kit
Includes blind stoppers for vessel reconfiguration.

Cell Culture Kit
Includes two impellers (Rushton 6-blade
and marine 3-blade), an L-pipe or ring
sparger assembly, and closures for
unused openings in the head plate.

G3Lab Universal

For single-use bioreactors up to 20L and rockers up to 50L.

Sterilizable Sensors

TruDO and TrupH provide high reliability and superior performance. Read more about Sterilizable Sensors