Dependable Software for cGMP Production

TruBio DV software is hardware-independent, highly configurable software which
has been developed with the latest GAMP revision methods and validated for cGMP applications. TruBio DV software provides automation hardware independence and
allows third party data to be seamlessly acquired and used to build sophisticated
process control strategies.

TruBio DV can also unify all upstream process trains and enable easy scale-up
and scale-down between R&D, process development, and cGMP manufacturing.
For highly demanding upstream applications such as perfusion, TruBio DV enables
rapid integration of peripherals (scales, pumps, sensors) and off-line analyzers.


  • Control processes from R&D through production
  • cGMP manufacturing software: Can be used with glass vessels,
    wave rockers and most brands of single-use bioreactors
  • Highly configurable and flexible
  • Fully compatible with DeltaV versions 9.3 through 12.3
  • Calibration records, save/load files, user-friendly data reporting
  • Easy SCADA and OPC connectivity for third party devices

TruBio DV

Control and Settings

pH Control
Dissolved Oxygen Control
Weight Control
Auxiliary Input Control
Agitator Speed Control
Gas Flow Control
Pump Control
Foam Control
Level Control


Interlock Configuration
pH / DO Sensor Redundancy Dual

Alarm Management

Alarm Configuration
Alarm Priorities
Alarm Type
Remote Access Notification

Recipe Management

ISA 88 Batch Control Option
Recipe Editor Option

OPC Capability

Input/output of Data

Process Data Storage

Continuous Historian
Audit Trail


Current TruBio Release DV 4.7

G3Lab Universal

For single-use bioreactors up to 20L and rockers up to 50L.


For single-use bioreactors to 2000L, rockers to 50L, glass vessels to 20L and mixers up to 2000L.