Finesse SmartLab data management software
automates your lab data

SmartLab data management software advances the connected lab. Data from bioreactors and analyzers can now be automatically and seamlessly connected, collected and organized in one location for process control and monitoring. From DoE to manufacturing, process development experts can now easily and reliably design, run, monitor, collect, analyze, report and share all bioprocess information. SmartLab data management software works remotely and offers email or text notifications if process parameters are exceeded.

Features and Benefits

  • Intuitive user experience
    No programming is required and operator
    screens are clear and easy to navigate.
  • Automatic data collection
    Save time and resources versus the
    manual access and collection process.
  • Seamless data aggregation
    Consolidate information from multiple
    sources in one easy-to-use platform.
  • Reporting flexibility
    Reports generated from all of the
    modules can be viewed, retrieved
    and emailed in various formats.
  • Quick return on investment
    Automation increases efficiency by
    saving time, reducing errors and
    improving data quality.
  • Real-time equipment monitoring
    View critical vessel parameters in real-time,
    from desk or lab. React instantly to problems
    or review process data from overnight
    or weekend activity.
  • Statistical data analytics
    Use tools designed specifically for
    process development to report reliable,
    actionable information.