The TruConnect™ gateway is an interface between proprietary ASCII serial
devices and the TruLogic™ Controller (DeltaV™ controller with Modbus).
TruConnect gateways currently support Applikon ADI 1010 or 1030 controllers
and select Sartorius scales. TruConnect gateways can harmonize an installed
base of proprietary controllers into a DeltaV™ control system, either as a
monitoring only system, or as a supervisory control and data acquisition
(SCADA) system.


  • Cost-effective gateway for proprietary
    serial to Modbus protocol conversion
  • Monitoring only or SCADA capability
  • Interface with the installed base of
    existing 3rd-party peripherals
  • Affordable, scaleable migration path

Tru Connect Hardware

Rating NEMA 2
Dimensions 123 x 72 x 33 mm
Operating Temp 0ºC to 40ºC (32ºF to 104ºF)
Storage Temp -32ºC to 70ºC(-25ºF to 158ºF)
Relative Humidity 10% to 95% (non-condensing)
Weight 8 oz (without packing material)
Certification CE, EN-61010
Power 24 Vdc @ < 80 mA>
Mounting DIN Rail / Stackable
(within TruLogic or in custom enclosure)
Interface RS-485 to Modbus / RS-232 or RS-485 to
3rd Party ASCII Serial Port

Applikon ADI 1010 and ADI 1030 are products of Applikon
DeltaV™ control system is a product of Emerson Process Management