All-In-One Bioreactor Control

The G3Lite bioreactor controller is a cart-mounted, self-contained
unit that can be operated independently or networked. The controller is
engineered to minimize capital expenditure without sacrificing usability.

The controller is designed to control single-use bioreactor or fermenter
vessels without sacrificing performance. The modular design allows the
Finesse G3Lite to evolve with the process and integrate third-party
peripherals as needed.



  • Capital Efficiency
  • Small Footprint
  • Flexible and Affordable
  • Available sensor redundancy
  • Powered by TruBio® software
  • Utilizes Finesse
    SmartParts components

Compatible vessels

Bioreactor Type
Working volume (L)


Thermo Scientific HyPerfoma™ SUB

All Sizes ≤ 2000


Thermo Scientific HyPerfoma™ SUF

All Sizes ≤ 300


Millipore Mobius CellReady™

All Sizes ≤ 200


Xcellerex XDR™

All Sizes ≤ 2000



Utility Tower (H x W x D) 1600 x 680 x 540 mm (63 x 27 x 21 in)
Rating NEMA12 / IP52
Operating Temp 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F)
Storage Temp -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
Relative Humidity 5% to 95% Non-Condensing
Certifications Manufactured to conform to CE standards
EN-61010 and EN-61326
Weight / Shipping Weight 68 kg / 136 kg (150 lbs / 300 lbs)


Agitation Hyclone SUBs: 1/4HP or 1/2HP AC
3-Phase Induction Motor
pH (Up to 2 Inputs) TruSens Transmitter (Electrochemical),
TruFluor® pH Transmitter (Single-Use)
DO (Up to 2 Inputs) TruSens Transmitter (Electrochemical),
TruFluor® DO Transmitter (Single-Use)
Temperature TruSens Transmitter (RTD) and/or
TruFluor® pH/DO Transmitters (Single-Use)
Pressure TruTorr Transmitter (Single-Use)
Liquid Control Four (4) variable-speed peristaltic SmartPumps,
Watson Marlow® Series 114, 313, or 520
Gas Control (TruFlow) Basic: Four (4) MFCs with Two (2) Output Connectors
Recommended: Six (6) MFCs with
Three (3) Output Connectors
Scales / Load Cells SmartScale Transmitter
Auxiliary Two (2) Analog Inputs (12-bit, 4 to 20 mA) and
Two (2) Auxiliary Control Loops (4 to 20 mA)
Digital Output Two (2) 24V Outputs; One (1) Dry Relay Alarm Contact

Cable Types

pH K8, VP, TruFluor®
DO D4, VP6, VP8, TruFluor®
Agitator Finesse Custom
Vent Filter Heater Connection IEC 60309 6H Receptacle 2P+E or
External Heater Power Box for Larger Jacketed SUBs

Hardware / Peripherals

Thermal Control Heater Blanket or Analog
Temperature Control Unit (TCU)
External Pumps Up to two (2) Additional External SmartPumps,
Watson Marlow Series 114, 313, 520, 620
Free standing or on a Finesse SmartPump Tower
HMI Standard Flat-Screen Color Monitor,
Washable Keyboard and Mouse


Single-Use Stirred 50L to 2000L

TruBio DV

Hardware-independent, highly configurable software powered by the Emerson Process Management DeltaV® control platform.