SmartLab™ data management software

Connect and simplify all of your lab data with this latest advancement in the connected lab.

Bioreactor Controllers

Finesse G3 bioreactor SmartController™ hardware leverages SmartPart components in order to achieve configurability, modularity and scalability.

TruBio Software

Based on the DeltaV® control platform from Emerson Process
Management, TruBio® DV is an open, fully configurable software
solution that allows scalable control of bioreactors ranging from
1L to 2,000L. TruBio® DV has been developed with GAMP
methods and is validated for cGMP applications.


Finesse has introduced affordable system upgrade solutions
for legacy bioreactor control systems that are no longer able to
meet the demands of the process. Migrations allow seamless harmonization of the installed base with new SmartControllers
in both labscale and GMP settings.