Finesse provides manuals and “quickstart” guides with all of its products. However,
for more in-depth knowledge, Finesse offers training courses for our software and
hardware products. Training classes are offered either at the customer site or at a
Finesse facility in a classroom setting. Training classes cover software operation,
hardware operation, and an introduction to general validation principles.

Training is also offered for our sensor products: one class covers reuseable
sensors while the other introduces single-use optical sensors. Theory of operation,
performance metrics, and functionality are reviewed in the classroom, followed by
group lab work to gain practical experience.

Training classes have been developed by technical experts at Finesse, and are
offered in several languages for our international customer base. Course notes
are included in the service.


  • Comprehensive educational classes
  • Software, hardware, sensors and validation
  • Detailed course notes
  • Multi-lingual trainers available

Training Courses Offered

TruBio DV Software Two-day training course
G3 Hardware Systems One-day training course (includes loop-tuning)
Sensors One-day training course (for autoclavable or single-use)
Introduction to Validation Half-day training course