Finesse Sponsored Hydroptère Arrives in Honolulu

Hydroptere Finesse

The Hydroptère which is sponsored by Finesse Solutions reached Honolulu after a 2,215 nautical mile trip from Los Angeles. The Hydroptère – called “the flying boat” - is the fastest hydrofoil trimaran in the world, averaging more than 51 knots over 500 meters and exceeding 50 knots over one nautical mile. 

“Finesse is proud to sponsor Hydroptère because it represents more than state-of-the-art marine technology. Hydroptère exemplifies complete commitment to pushing the boundaries which aligns well with our culture at Finesse. If you can dream it, you can do it.” added Barbara Paldus, CEO of Finesse Solutions.

For details on this historic journey,
please visit the Hydroptère site


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