The Hydroptere flies with Finesse: The hydrofoil trimaran Hydroptere will try for another nautical record with support from biotechnology leader Finesse Solutions.

After a year resting in Long Beach, the Hydroptere returns to sailing. French and American sponsors are joined by a new partner: Finesse Solutions of Santa Clara (California), a manufacturer of measurement and control solutions for life sciences process applications.

The Hydroptere - called “the flying boat” - is the fastest hydrofoil trimaran in the world, averaging more than 51 knots over 500 meters and exceeding 50 knots over one nautical mile. The crew of Hydroptere intends to set a world speed record across the Pacific Ocean from Los Angeles to Hawaii. Training begins in early October in Los Angeles, with the goal of beating the Los Angeles to Hawaii record time set by Olivier de Kersauson on Geronimo in 2005.

Marine pollution will pose problems on the route to Hawaii. Debris from the Fukushima tsunami will be a hazard on the route as well as the municipal waste which is found on all of the world’s oceans. Dangers are especially acute at the high speeds of the hydrofoils. The Hydroptere group has partnered with the Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute to call attention to the problem of oceanic pollution.

Alain Thebault, designer and skipper of the Hydroptere, is so committed to the project that he sold his house to help finance the adventure. He welcomes the new partners “especially in California, the land of pioneers and entrepreneurs… My determination is total.”

“Finesse is proud to sponsor Hydroptere because it represents more than state-of-the-art marine technology. Hydroptere exemplifies complete commitment to pushing the boundaries which aligns well with our culture at Finesse. If you can dream it, you can do it.” added Barbara Paldus, CEO of Finesse Solutions.

Partners in the pioneering spirit of the Hydroptere include Orange Business Services, Dassault Systèmes, Pol Roger, Monaco Marine, Clip, and Finesse Solutions.

About Finesse Solutions, Inc.

California-based Finesse Solutions, Inc., has a proven record in providing turn-key, scalable solutions for single-use upstream bioprocessing. The Finesse product platform includes novel disposable sensors, modular automation hardware, and intelligent software that can harmonize data and technology transfer globally.  Finesse also offers a complete set of services including commissioning and validation for rapid and reliable deployment of single-use equipment. For more information, please visit us at

Media: Barbara Paldus, 408 570 9012