OPC Connectivity with Nova BioProfile 400



March 7, 2008 – Finesse Solutions, LLC, Santa Clara, CA, a manufacturer of measurement and controlsolutions for life sciences process applications, and Nova Biomedical, Waltham, MA, a world leader inbiotechnology process monitoring announced the first TruBio™ OS plug-in for OPC connectivity betweenTruBio™ OS and Nova BioProfile 400, 100 Plus, Basic 4 and Basic 2 analyzers. Both companies confirmed that a TruBio™ OS plug-in for OPC connectivity to the Nova Flex is currently in development.OPC (Openness, Productivity and Collaboration) has become the de facto standard for data exchangein process control systems. It has been adopted by the majority of the control system manufacturers inthe bioprocess industry and has proven to be a reliable method for sharing information across differenthardware platforms.

Automatic data exchange using OPC between a lab analyzer and control system reduces errors andtime delays of manual sampling, and provides automated reporting of results. It also allows the controlsystem to adjust process parameters without a 24/7 operator presence, and, in the event of processalarm conditions, alerts off-site personnel and/or takes automatic corrective action.This level of integration enables direct consolidation of off-line lab analyzer results into existing historicaldata collection, automates batch report generation, and creates a complete electronic record. Printouts ofstandalone analyzer results do not have to be manually attached or tracked with electronic batch reportsthat control systems already provide.

“Taking advantage of OPC connectivity between Nova analyzers and the Finesse bioprocess controlsystem will improve quality and yield, while reducing operating costs. For example, programming a Novaanalyzer to automatically standardize an in-situ probe, or using the resulting sample data in real-timecontrol algorithms, will increase both process understanding and control accuracy,” stated Dr. MarkSelker, CTO and co-founder of Finesse.

“By redefining the standard associated with offline data to include complete integration and the value ofthose data as they are applied to the bioprocess automatically, Nova and Finesse continue to provide thecutting edge technology required to bring the biotechnology industry into a new era of effectiveness andprofitability. The value lies in the actions upon that information. Nova and Finesse provide the complimentto each other’s technologies thereby allowing our customers real-time benefits that, until now, wereimpossible.” says Bob Fox, Director of Sales.

About Finesse Solutions, LLCCalifornia-based Finesse Solutions, LLC, leads the way in developing new measurement and controltechnologies, in order to enable the transition to single-use systems, bring new capabilities to existingbioreactor platforms, and harmonize global bio-process information transfer. Our current product familyprovides comprehensive measurement and control solutions for upstream processes in the biotechand pharmaceutical industries. For more information, please visit us at www.finesse.com.

About Nova BiomedicalNova Biomedical is committed to continue its technology leadership with advanced products that providebetter, faster diagnostic information. We continue to innovate biotechnology instruments that allow faster,more economical development of drugs and other therapeutic products.