Zoetis completes expansion work at Lincoln plant11/05/2016
Is Automation the Disruption Pharma R&D Needs?Barbara Paldus, PhD09/30/2016
Continuous processing optimization with smarter toolsBarbara Paldus, PhD08/25/2016
BioSpectrum India Interview12/01/2015
Eyes on the Process Analytics PrizeGEN, Angelo DePalma, Ph.D.09/01/2015
An Interview with FinesseAmerican Pharmaceutical Review03/12/2012
Hochwirksame Proteine aus dem ReinraumBarbara Jopp-Heins04/01/2011
Is It Time to Retool to Single-UseJames Netterwald, Ph.D.10/04/2010
Deciphering the Burgess Shale of single-use bioreactors10/01/2010
Future Pharma Podcast02/01/2010

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